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    With the Print Science Designer, your customers to change the text and images in design templates you create. After your customer has finished creating his personalized design, you will download a press-ready PDF of the design.

    During the design online process, your customers will see a WYSIWYG preview of their design. They will see the new design as they type and edit.

    Creating template files is simple. The template files are ordinary PDF files with variable data fields added in. You add the variable data fields using Adobe Acrobat.


    WYSIWYG preview: Customers see new text as they type
    You pay only when customer places an order
    Pure PDF solution with no file conversions from Corel
    Preparing template files is simple using Adobe Acrobat
    Technical support by phone in Europe and North America

    About Print Science:

    Print Science's Printers Website is the leading Web-to-Print solution used by printers, sign makers and copy shops in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Printers Website is at the core of our customers' business and every day, Printers Website customers receive thousands of orders.

    You get the exact same Design Online function from Printers Website available for use in Magento.

    Info and support

    More information: http://designer.print-science.com
    Demo site: http://print-science.com/magento/
    Online Help manual: http://help.print-science.com/Designer/default.aspx
    Technical support: support@print-science.com.com

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