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    Vacancy for PHP programmers in an international environment

    Commercers GmbH, a German based company is cooperating with Lotusbreath for a couple of years already. Commercers are providing services to Magento Shop owners in Germany and international companies.
    We are a small sized company growing rapidly and are therefore looking for professionals supporting our team here in HCMC. Candidates should have:
    ⦁ A degree in IT
    ⦁ Object oriented PHP experience as a must
    ⦁ MYSQL experience
    ⦁ JavaScript (jQuery and/or Prototype) knowledge
    ⦁ Version control system knowledge
    ⦁ Zend Framework or any PHP framework is a plus
    ⦁ Server management & optimization for Magento is a plus
    ⦁ Magento experienced candidates are preferred

    Due to the size of the company, you have the chance to get experience in all areas of ecommerce. We are not only serving B2C but also B2B shops. Additionally, your tasks will not be limited to a specific area, so you might cover material management, marketing, payment, general administration etc.
    We need also your creative input, as you will not only executing programming extensions, put also wanting you to understand processes and procedures. The more experience you gain over time, the more valuable your input will be for influencing functionalities.
    However, we never forget about our targets, increasing value for our customers, growing the company and growing ourselves. The experience you gain will develop yourself to an experienced ecommerce professional.

    Working with us means to be flexible as no two days are the same and priorities frequently change during the day. Eager candidates who want to develop their technical skills as well as their personality will find a perfect environment.

    Daily communication with Germany takes place in English via Skype. This requires good English in writing and good basics in oral communication in English.

    Compensation is based on experience and performance after a two month training period during which a fixed salary is paid.

    If you are eager to learn, eager to develop technically and personally and are looking for new challenges on a daily basis, we would be happy to receive your application.

    Please send CV and details to: or

    Learn more about commercers at

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