[TP.Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang] Urgent PHP Magento Developers

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    We are looking for PHP Magento Developers to join our development team. You must be able to work well independently or within our team. You will have a very good chance to work in young and flexible environment.

    • SKILLS:
      • Good at OOP programming
      • At least 2 years experienced in Web development, especially in PHP Magento development.
      • Good at English speaking and writing
    • SALARY: UP TO $ 2,000
    • BENEFIT:
      • Join to working with innovative and friendly team members
      • Have chance to work onsite in Japan
      • Bonus review: twice a year (summer & winter bonus)
      • Oversea annual company trip, monthly team building party
      • Insurances and annual health checks
    • OUR COMPANY: PASCALIA ASIA VIETNAM was established in 2015 and we are young Japanese company in Japan and Vietnam. We have a passion in software development and developing strong team to deliver high quality solutions and products to our clients. You can checkout our company at https://www.facebook.com/pascaliaasia/
    Please send us your CV to: segawa@pascaliaasia.com | hungkd@pascaliaasia.com | doanhdn@pascaliaasia.com. We will set up a face to face or sky meeting with you asap.
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