Top Best Magento 2 Extensions 2017

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    Here are lists of Magento 2 Extensions 2017 you should install for your Magento Store:


    1. Magento 2 Marketplace Extension:

    View demo:

    • User-friendly Seller Cpanel
    • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized Marketplace
    • Best Storefront Marketplace
    • Separate Seller Profile
    • Flexible Commission
    • Multiple Gateways & Multilingual ready
    • Auto Approve Seller Or Approve Manually
    • Multiple Vendor Product(S) Checkout At Once
    • Seller Credit Account
    • Manage Transaction
    • Product Management
    • Order Management
    • Report System
    • Feedback & Review
    • Vacation Setting
    • SEO Management
    2. Magento 2 Page Builder Extension:

    This extension is a solution to build magento 2 theme faster and easier.Our magento 2 page builder is exactly what you want. Let's discover below features to understand how it works.

    • Time & Money Saving
    • Drag & Drop Interface
    • Work with any Magento Themes
    • 50+ Widgets Supported
    • Responsive Design Options
    • Full amazing controls
    3. Magento 2 Mega Menu PRO Extension

    Magento 2 Mega Menu extension help you to create dynamic navigation menu ever.

    • Fastest Load Time, Cache Supported
    • Drag & Drop Intuitive Interface
    • User-friendly Interface & Enhanced UX / UI
    • Fast Ajax Load & Live Preview
    • Skin Builder: Custom Design With Ease
    • 16 Premade Menus & Create Unlimited Menu Possibilities
    • One click to Import or Export Demo
    • 786 icons included by Font Awesome
    • Instant Import Store Categories
    • Horizontal and Vertical Structures
    • Built-in LESS Stylesheets
    • Show horizontal & vertical menu at the same time
    • Fully Compatible with Porto Theme & Ultimo Theme
    • Mobile Menu: Off Canvas Menu & Accordion Menu, Drilldown Menu
    • Widget Support or add code to file XML on any position
    • Multiple Animations Effects Supported
    • Place mega menu on any position
    • Compatible with Magento EE
    4. Magento 2 Image Gallery Pro Extension

    • Display High-Quality Image in Touch Optimized & Attractive Slideshow
    • Show Image in eye catching & lightbox
    • 100% Responsive Magento Image Gallery
    • Upload single & multiple images at once
    • Drag & Drop To Change Image & Video position
    • Quick edit image: Crop, Resize, Rotate, Flip
    • Attractive Image Slider & 3D Slider
    • Freely & Directly Edit: Image Alt Text, Title, Description
    • Create photo albums with multilevel structure
    • Display Image Gallery with Multiple Layouts
    • Link albums to related product pages
    • Create Unlimited Image Album
    • Place it anywhere with Gallery Image Widget
    5. Magento 2 Help Desk Extension
    Utilize ticket system, bring a powerful and flexible solution for Store Support! With Magento 2 Help Desk Extension, it helps you to collect all request, inquiries, offline chat messages, email in one place. Moreover, all messages will be assigned to the proper department without leaking information.

    The customer can create ticket easily on front-end or email support team's address. Also, the ticket can be created by admin the backend. Once a ticket is submitted, it will be logged to ticket grid section in the backend. In the ticket grid, agents can set ticket priority, tie tickets to orders and more.

    Especially, our Magento 2 help desk extension could be automated that allows you to send notifications, changing priority, and much more.

    6. Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification Extension

    Your customers may not have enough time to keep visiting your store frequently to get updates. Hence, we created Magento 2 product updates notification. The extension helps you to alert customers about new stock status, new price changes.

    Also, customers are able to subscribe for out of stock product to get notifications when the product is in stock. On your site, the customer can opt-in to receive notifications as they want. Once, your visitors enter email, they will receive an automatic email to inform product status.

    As you can see, this Magento 2 out of Stock notification not only enhances customer experience but it also increase visitor loyalty on your store.

    7. Magento 2 Quote Extension
    With this extension, you can manage and create quote request on front-end or start quotation from backend. Negotiate price with your customer never easier. Your customer can send quotes with custom prices and custom products that can be created quickly. LOF Magento 2 Quote Extension also comes with follow-up quote email, department assignment, attaching PDF proposals and much more

    Magento 2 Request for Quote extension brings your customers and you better interaction with each other via quotations. Our Magento 2 Quote Extension supports all Magento product types. Let's discover more detail below

    8. Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension

    Are you looking for a fast, user-friendly navigation system which can allow your customers to browse your product catalog comfortably and impressively? Then, our new Layered Navigation Extension can satisfy you at the very first sight with its multiple filters, ajax load and user-friendly interface.

    One of the key factors that can help you to build an online store successfully is easy-to-read content with an eye-catching appearance. Using layered navigation extension, you are able to create not only a well-designed but professional navigation as well. These things are core steps to guide your customers to purchasing on your store.

    Layered Navigation Extension offers series of advanced features that we are sure you are looking for such as highly effective organization, stunning decoration of logos, pictures, and sliders.

    9. Magento 2 Advanced Report Extension

    • 28+ Report Types to explore sales over a period of time, break it down by category and product.
    • Comprehensive Sale Overview
    • Report drill down to explore data fast and easily
    • Advanced Report to trace your sales performance in a real-time mode
    • Visual graphs ( bar, pie, line..) to illustrate trends
    • Option to filter data for different dates and days
    • Provides with Google Analytics-like visualized sales data metrics and charts
    • Clear Backend Interface
    • Extraordinary Useful Magento 2 Reports
    • Multiple skins
    • Customize chart display
    • Equipped with a profit-calculating formula

    10. Magento 2 Reward Points Extension

    90% of all customers exchange their reward points during the checkout". Have you offered reward points for your magento 2 stores? As you may know Reward Points is an effective marketing tool for you to engage shoppers and turning old customers for new purchase over and over. Using Reward Points system, it is created to drive more sale and attract returning customers to your store
    • Earn points right after placing orders at your store
    • Spending Points With Ease
    • Choose how many points for each order via various ways
    • Track information in " My account"
    • Create Various Earning Rating
    • Add reward point for any specific product & multiple products
    • Freely Set Different Spending Point Rate & Earning Point Rate
    • Transact Point To Customer Directly
    • Set Max points earned or spent for each product
    • Refund By Points
    • Get Discount Code if Customer doesn't have account yet
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    If you want to provide better user experience you can try some other Magneto 2 extensions here as well.

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