The best Magento 2 extensions 2016

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    == Magento 2 Extensions ==

    Magento 2 extensions by Mageplaza comes with a bulk of amazing features that allow the merchants to do more on their online stores via the richness of the categories including Sales and Motivations, Content Management, even User Experience, etc.

    == Magento 2 Reward Points Extension ==

    Magento 2 Reward Points Extension is a powerful loyalty program, loyalty system to enhance the customer experience on your store by earning and spending unlimited reward points.

    == Magento 2 Store Locator ==

    Magento 2 Store Locator extension is effective tool to help customer have overview of all shop locator and easily make a decision to choose preferred store.

    Google Map API will be integrated with this extension. Customer can search store by distance and area flexible. Find the suitable store easily and conveniently will save customers’ time and make them totally satisfied.

    Store Locator extension for Magento 2 also integrate with Facebook plugin that help customer can leave their comments and view others’ reviews on Facebook. If you have a chain of physical, this extension will help your store become more competitive than others.

    == Magento 2 FAQ ==

    Magento 2 FAQ
    allows customers to find answered questions on articles list. Magento 2 FAQ is an effective way to improve customer experience and reduce customer related enquiries. Point your customers with questions to instant service resource so they can find all the necessary information to make a confident purchase in your store.

    == Magento 2 Gift Card, Voucher, Certificates extension ==

    Magento 2 Gift Card Extension is the fantastic present customers possibly give to friends via either email or post office on exact date and time. Let's explore it!

    == Magento 2 Social Login Extension ==

    Magento 2 Social Login extension is designed for quick login to your Magento 2 store without procesing complex register steps.

    == Magento 2 Salesforce Integration Extension ==

    Magento 2 Salesforce Integration extension is the perfect suite that automatically synchronize and update all customers, sales, products, shopping cart rules from Magento 2 store to Salesforce system.

    == Magento 2 Search Extension ==

    Magento 2 Search extension is a Sphinx module search engine for Magento. It combines all advanced techniques for searching online.

    == Magento 2 Zoho CRM Integration ==

    Magento 2 Zoho CRM Integration is the perfect solution for synchronizing and transmitting all data from Magento 2 store to Zoho CRM system.

    == Magento 2 Quickbooks Integration Extension ==

    Magento 2 Quickbooks Integration Online extension automatically synchronize and update all accounting information from Magento 2 store to Quickbooks online.

    == Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension Improved Navigation ==

    Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension brings a list of filters to help your customers search and get the favourite products in the shortest way.

    == Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension ==

    Magento 2 Mega Menu extension allows store owners to create an excellent direction board and navigate customers to the exact place they need in the shortest time.

    == Magento 2 Store Credit & Refund Extension ==

    Magento 2 Store Credit extension looks as an effective payment method for both customers and store owner, also bring more encouragement for customer’s purchases.
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    I would like to recommend another great extension on Magento 2: Min/Max Order Quantity per Category for Magento 2

    This module allows store owners to set up both minimum and maximum order quantity of all products belonging to a category for each customer group, which will help you effectively save up shipping costs or some other related costs such as storage management and package.

    You can find similar version for Magento 1 here

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