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    Dành cho magento 1.7 nhé :D

    SM HiTechResponsive Magento Theme has released for Magento Community Edition 1.7.x. This theme is designed specifically for technology with an eye-catchy design. Layout and decoration colors bring a bright and professional view for the website. Moreover, flexible arrangement guarantees the highest efficiency. SM HiTech will be a great solution for online Camera store, Computer store and Mobile store…
    It comes with 6 amazing theme colors, three types of menu: Mega Menu, CSS Menu, Split Menu and other features will give you more choice. With Cpanel, you can easy change color, header, menu style, typography… with CSS3 allows to show many animated effects, and Cloud Zoom help to display products.
    Mình còn rất nhiều themes magento các bạn có thể tham khảo tại nhé.
    Công nhận server magento dùng đính kèm đã thiệt :)

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