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    If your online store has a complex categories structure with many levels of subcategories, Magento will create really long URLs for the products in these subcategories, including the full categories hierarchy in the URL.

    This can be a real drag for your product SEO since Google usually pays attention only to first few words in the URL.

    This FREE SEO Friendly Categories extension lets you flatten your URL structure by using only the last subcategory name in the URL. So instead of you will have just in your URL.

    You can even customize how that subcategory will look in the URL like by using the URL Key parameter in the category configuration.


    Drastically improves your categories' and products' SEO
    Gives you full control over product, category and subcategory URLs
    Creates flat URL structure for categories
    Uses Magento's own URL rewriting mechanism for improved compatibility
    100% FREE

    Installation process is very simple:

    Get the extension in your shopping cart and click Check Out. After you finish the checking out process (no payment is required as this is a FREE extension, just download the extension archive in your My Downloadable Products section.
    Unpack the extension archive and upload the contents of the archive's html/ folder into the html/ folder of your Magento store.
    Clear up the store cache by going to System / Cache Management and clicking the Flash Magento Cache button at the top.
    Log off and log back on to your Magento store admin panel. This will allow Magento to update user permissions for all admin panel extensions.
    Your extensions is now installed!
    Installation from Magento Connect

    You can also install this extension directly from Magento Connect if you are running Magento 1.5 or newer. In this case the installation process is even easier:

    Log into your store admin panel and go to System / Magento Connect / Magento Connect Manager. You will be prompted to log in again.
    In the Magento Connect Manager screen enter extension key to install: ... goryurlseo and press Install.
    After the extension is downloaded, press "Commit Changes" and you are done!

    To configure the SEO Friendly Categories Magento extension, please go to the System / Configuration menu at your admin panel click the SEO Friendly Categories under ACTIVO EXTENSIONS section on the left. You will see the configuration menu, which is very simple - you can just enable or disable the short SEO friendly category URLs.

    Please note that once you change this setting, you need to go to System / Index Management and reindex data for Catalog URL Rewrites.

    One additional benefit: Magento will create the URL redirects from the old category links to the new, short ones, so all old links will still work perfectly fine.

    Installation and Configuration Screencast:

    To see a demo video, visit our product pag: ... gento.html.

    Magento Editions Compatibility

    Community Edition: and above.


    This extension is released under the Open Software License v. 3.0 (OSL-3.0). Please read the full license agreement here:

    Community Support Forum

    Have any questions regarding this extension? Need help with installation and/or configuration? Have some good tips and tricks about using it? Please visit the support forum for the SEO Friendly Categories extension here.

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