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    Chào các bạn công ty mình đang cần tuyển Magento Developer fulltime hoặc cộng tác theo dự án.
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    Intersquad is a creative technology company located in Vietnam & Australia.

    We are a leader in providing integrated technology solution for clients in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Our specialist teams work with a wide range of clients to deliver connected experiences spanning multiple technologies, platforms, and media - creating positive business impact.

    We are looking for a dedicated Senior Magento Developer who love to create awesome products & contribute to our success story.

    General Requirements (Yêu cầu chung):
    • From 2 years in Real-world e-commerce experience with Magento development.
    • Competent with PHP object-oriented programming & MVC applications
    • Competent with MySQL-based database concepts
    • Solutions-oriented thinking; always looking for the smart solution to a problem rather than jumping at the first answer
    • A preoccupation with staying on top of industry trends and technologies

    Technical Requirements(Yêu cầu chuyên môn):
    • Expert understanding of Magento's code structure, extension architecture, theming hierarchy, and fallback components
    • Expertise in authoring and extending Magento extensions
    • Thorough experience in customizing Magento's front-end components using layout XML, blocks, and templates
    • Thorough knowledge of vanilla Magento feature set and configuration
    • Competent knowledge of e-commerce data organization and relationships
    • Store catalog (categories/products/attributes)
    • Sales orders (quotes/orders/invoices/shipments/credits)
    • Competent in authoring JavaScript and using libraries such as jQuery
    • Comfort working with Linux-based systems

    Bonus Qualifications (Yêu cầu nâng cao không bắt buộc):
    • Magento Certification is a huge plus
    • In-depth knowledge of PCI/PA-DSS compliance issues
    • Experience in ERP integrations with Magento is a huge plus
    • Experience with caching and scaling techniques
    • Experience in multi-store, multi-lingual, or multi-currency e-commerce implementations
    • Experience with CSS preprocessors like SASS/LESS
    • Competent in web services integrations (REST/SOAP)
    • A desire to be personally responsible for production-level code
    • Ingenuity to leverage all available tools at your disposal
    • Contributions to the open-source community
    Why Join Us:
    • Magento is a key technology in our business development strategy. You need your help to build a leading magento development team in Asia-Pacific.
    • You will shift your professional and career level when work directly with our talented people in Vietnam & Australia.
    • You can collaborate directly with international clients.
    • Dynamic & friendly working environment. People are the heart of our company.
    • Competitive salary. Plus many benefits on the growing of the company.

    Please send your CV to
    Bạn có thể liên hệ trao đổi với mình bằng tiếng Anh / Việt nhé.
    Many thanks.
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