Senior Magento Developer ($2000 - $3000)

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    Infinity Digital is a leading provider of enterprise E-commerce solution globally.

    The 70+ Infinity staff works collaboratively to produce websites for respected international companies and organisations.

    We have been a Magento Partner since 2009 and are certified as a Gold Solution Partner; attributed to the highest level of Magento Solution Provider. We are honoured to be awarded the 2015 Magento Spirit of Excellence for our technical expertise and customer satisfaction.
    Our Magento specialty allows us to create solutions that leverage Magento in the most effective way to achieve your business goals.

    The Senior Full-Stack Magento Developer is responsible for the development of the Magento ecommerce platform, from frontend to backend, to implementation, testing, deployment and support. He/She will be collaborating with PMs to produce developing and maintaining high traffic Magento sites visited by customers worldwide.


    + Monitor and optimize site performance, stability and security
    + Troubleshoot and resolve issues with existing custom codes
    + Customize and deploy Magento extensions and themes
    + Develop new technology through custom development
    + Work with UI/UX designers on implementing site changes
    + Write documentation of current and future configurations, processes and procedures
    + Utilize web services to integrate with 3rd party applications
    + Keep Magento up to date and upgrade to the latest release
    + Manage and coordinate efforts of multiple 3rd party resources


    + At least 5 years’ experience with Magento and PHP development
    + Can work on both back-end and front-end technologies.
    + Intermediate spoken and written English communication skills
    + Magento Certification is a plus
    + Experience creating modules and themes in Magento
    + Experience with PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS
    + Experience with responsive design standards
    + Experience with XML-RPC, REST, SOAP and other web services
    + Experience with Apache, MySQL, Nginx, Varnish, Redis
    + Strong analytical and problem solving skills

    SALARY: $2000 - $3000/month

    Please send your CV to if you are interested in this position.

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