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    Chào mọi người,
    Công ty mình - Restaff company đang tuyển PHP như sau. Bạn nào có nhu cầu gửi cv vào email nhé. Lương hấp dẫn, môi trường tốt.

    Job title / Position title
    PHP developer
    Job Description / Major duty
    - Join to maintain and develop new feature for existing systems
    - Develop for new projects of clients
    - Support for other members in team
    Requirement (required skills / knowledge)
    Join our team you will get the challenges to improve your English because we will let you work directly with the members in Norway, and also get the challenge to improve your knowledge about the big systems such as CMS, CRM.
    To apply for this position, you should have the skills as following:
    * Experiences in front-end coding such as: Layout cutting from the designed templates by using HTML/XHTML, CSS, knowledge with responsive is an advantage.
    * Experiences for javascript for both standard javascript, Jquery and its plugins.
    * Experiences for PHP at least 3 years, and had experiences for at least one of PHP open sources such as: Magento, Joomla/Virtuemart, or Wordpress.
    * Experiences for SQL statements (knowledge for MS SQL Server/MySQL will be an advantage).
    * Soft skills:
    - Good at problem solving.
    - Good at English (good speaking will be an advantage).
    - Good at team working, supporting and sharing knowledge in team.
    * It will be an advantage if you have some skills or accept the requirements bellow:
    - Creating responsive templates with HTML5, CSS/CSS3, and jQuery.
    - Jquery mobile framework.
    - Quick and willing to study for a new technology.
    - Good at technical document writing, or tutorial document writing.

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