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    If you are facing a confusing situation of finding a proper Magento 2 theme for your online store. Now, it’s time to take a look at our full list of 40+ best Magento 2 theme (Magento 2 template) by Venustheme, one of the most powerful Magento 2 themes providers!

    In this blog, I’ll divide themes by categories for you to follow easily. They will be sorted as Beauty Care, Digital, Electronic, Fashion, Flower, Food & Beverage, Furniture, Home Decoration, Jewelry, Kitchen, Material, Service, Sport, Supermarket, Tools

    Now, let’s start our journey!

    I. Beauty Care
    Ves Aveda – the most natural-looking for cosmetic shop, beauty store, functional food which is developed on Magento framework with excellent Magento 2 extensions included such as Page Builder, Mega Menu, Blog, Testimonial, Brand and so on.

    II. Digital, Electronic & Vehicle
    1. Ves Cricket – perfectly shown for auto part store, electronic store, car show room with professional design of thousands of product images and amazing Magento 2 extensions included such as Page Builder, Mega Menu, Blog, Testomonial, Product List.

    2. Ves Flashshop – a Magento 2 theme with 6 awesome and attractive demos for digital, electronic store and other stuff, which all contribute to making your product more accessible and impressive to customer.

    3. Ves Evolution – a unique Magento 2 theme with 23+ amazing homepages with stunning background for numerous types of online shop such as electronic, fashion, digital, furniture

    III. Entertainment
    Ves Melody – an exclusive Magento 2 theme for music instrument with especially dark color textures in the background and nice available instrument image and amazing layout, all go with well-functioned Magento 2 extensions such as Page Builder, Mega Menu, Image Slider will make your store incredibly impressive.

    IV. Fashion
    1. Ves Blue – the great combination of elegant design and awesome features such as mega menu, page builder, testimonial will make your website the most incredible fashion shop to attract customer’s attention easily.

    2. Ves Sunbox – best Magento 2 theme for glasses, bikini, and clothing shop with unique images of 5 different homepages and powerful Magento 2 extensions integrated (Page Builder, Mega Menu, Blog, Testimonial, Image Slider,… )

    3. Ves Oshop – bestest Magento 2 theme comes with tons of amazing features: fast load, fast checkout, beautiful image slider, quick view product, fast layered navigation, drag & drop mega menu which can rocket up your fashion store.

    4. Ves Cropshop – responsive Magento 2 theme with numerous stunning unique design of 3 different homepages for fashion, sport or bookstore with high speed and professional performance.

    5. Ves Krstore – a bootstrap magento 2 theme for online fashion store, digital store, accessory store, gear store with different layouts and thousands of sample images go with outstanding Magento 2 extensions including mega menu, image slider, product list.

    6. Ves Vigoss – a Magento 2 theme for men wear and digital device with great combination of responsive, clean, modern design and amazing feature of mega menu, fast layered navigation, quick view, ajax cart.

    7. Ves Blackstore – an amazing Magento 2 theme for clothing, accessory with miraculous black and white background color and high-quality Magento 2 modules integrated such as page builder, mega menu, image slider, blog, testimonial.

    8. Ves Beat – unique Magento 2 theme with professionally dark background designed preferentially for styled outfit, accessory, jewelry with awesome features to boost sale and enhance the customer experience as well as store management.

    9. Ves Ishop – a magento 2 theme with super code-clean, modern, product-oriented design for clothing, furniture, jewelry, houseware supported by incredibly fast loading speed, fully responsive, fast checkout process, effective page builder and tons of  amazing features.

    10. Ves Pencil – responsive Magento 2 theme with elegant, professional product-oriented design for super-styled fashion shop with amazing Magento 2 extensions included such as Page Builder, Mega Menu, Blog, Testimonial, Product List.

    11. Ves Envy – best Magento 2 theme for tailors and handmade clothes and accessories such as hat, shoe, bracelet or even famous fashion brand with special elements such as drag & drop mega menu, RTL organization, and language.

    12. Ves Bluestore – amazing Magento 2 theme and Magento 1 theme combination of elegant design and awesome features to show all fashion items most attractively.

    13. Ves Fashion – Responsive Multipurpose Magento 2 theme and Magento 1 theme for any kind of product such as fashion, mobile, computer, hi-tech, and more with all amazing Magento 2 features and unique modules integrated.

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