Magento Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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    Magento Ecommerce and it’s community is quickly growing. One of the concerns of many Magento users and general web shop owners are SEO. Although Magento is already very SEO friendly when installed, there are a lot of things that can still need to improve upon it. Semaphore SEO Team have researched and discovered a lot techniques to optimize Magento Platform based website.

    Some Tips to Optimize Magento Based Website.

    * By default your Magento install the title “Magento Commerce”. To make it Search Engine Friendly you need to use keywords in your title because search engine put more weight on your title of your magento shop as well as the description too. To make the changes into default title “Magento Commerce”Go to Configuration Tab => Design => HTML Head. Create a good and descriptive title for your website with your related keyword of your products. This title will be used for several non-content pages also without custom title, e.g. “About Us”, “Contact Us” and the “Popular Search Terms”.

    * Also for your category pages you need to do some changes into your website configuration

    * For Category go to System => Configuration => Catalog => Search Engine Optimization and set “Use categories path for product URL’s to “no”.

    * To set the details for each category. Go to Catalog => Manage Categories.

    * The most important fields are: Meta Description, Page Title, URL Key

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