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    Magento 2 Store Locator extension is effective tool to help customer have overview of all shop locator and easily make a decision to choose preferred store.

    Google Map API will be integrated with this extension. Customer can search store by distance and area flexible. Find the suitable store easily and conveniently will save customers’ time and make them totally satisfied.

    Store Locator extension for Magento 2 also integrate with Facebook plugin that help customer can leave their comments and view others’ reviews on Facebook. If you have a chain of physical, this extension will help your store become more competitive than others.

    How does it work?
    Custom store’s information
    Admin enable to add new store manually or import stores via CSV files. You can add/edit/delete store information easily in backend. Add many beautiful images of each store helps your store become more engaging and interesting. Admin should add clearly the working time and days off of each store that make ease for customer’s decision. Contact information also will be required.

    Finding a store never easier
    Customer will search preferred store by distance and area. They can get directions from their location to each store. Select one store they prefer and get all store information. Street View mode will help customer have a quick look on selected store. Then, customer are able to leave a comment on Facebook for each store. Features detailed

    Listing Store Locations on Google Map
    The store location page will be shown with full list of store and displayed on Google maps. The stores in the same area are grouped on map. The number total of store will be shown on the top right of the store list. Customer can easily view all stores with location and short detailed information of each store. That is allowed to click on preferred store to get full detailed information. Also customer can get the direction from their current location to selected store and get stress view ( if have)

    Find stores by distance and area
    Allow customer can search store by distance or area. When customer want to use distance, they must to enter their location and choose the preferred distance. With searching by area, buyer need to enter their country, city, zip code.

    Filter stores by tag
    Customer can filter stores by tag such as product types, facility, product brands to narrow the list of stores on the map.

    Display store’s detailed information
    Admin enable to add all necessary information and attractive images for each store. Giving working time and days off that helps customer choose the most convenient to visit. Customer able to get directions to know exactly how to get there by click on Direction button, also get experience with first view of store by clicking on Street View (if have).

    Contact information for each store
    Contact information of each store will be shown helps customer easily and conveniently contact with store owner via email, call or contact form by 1 click only.

    Facebook comments supported
    This extension allow customer can leave their comment via Facebook, also see others’ reviews. The store with many great review will become more attractive and believable.

    Bulk import store locations from CSV file
    That is easy to add new store on the list manually or admin can import store location and description via CSV file.

    Full feature list of Magento 2 Store Locator
    For customers
    • View all store list and store location on Google map.
    • Search stores by distance
    • Search stores by area( country, city and zip code)
    • Filter stores by tags
    • Get the distance from location to each store
    • Easily determine the nearest store
    • Get instant directions from a location to any store
    • Choose the preferable view between map, satellite
    • Get Street View by only 1 click
    • Explore store via many photos & Street View mode
    • Know opening hours, days off & special working days
    • View contact details of each store including name, address, phone, email
    • Leave comments on Facebook
    • See others’ comments about each store
    For administrator
    • Add new store manually or import store via CSV files
    • Easily to add/edit/delete store detailed information such as address, images, contact info, etc.
    • Edit store’s meta info for better SEO
    • Set store’s open times & days off flexibly
    • Admin can set Search criteria
    • Set Default Radius for search
    • Change color & map style to fit the theme
    Other features
    • Open source 100%.
    • Easy to install and configure.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • 1-year support.
    • 1-year upgrade.
    • 30 days guarantee money back.
    • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
    • Supports multiple stores.
    • Supports multiple languages.
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