Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

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  1. Max Nguyen

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    In marketing strategy can not ignore Email Marketing. One of the ways to create a close relationship with a customer is send ing an asking, congratulations email or information about new promotions or products. Or simply remind the customer about an unforgettable shopping cart. All of the preeminent features of email marketing are available in Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension by MageHit.

    Awesome features of Follow Up Email extension for Magento 2
    • Increase abandoned cart rate into order
    • Enhance customer relationship
    • Increase efficiency your Sales
    • Promote customer complete their order
    • ...
    Other Features
    • Sort and filter follow up emails by status, schedule, event, etc
    • Preview, send, cancel or delete emails manually right from the grid
    • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
    • Friendly and flexible configuration
    • Multiple stores and multiple languages supported
    • 100% open-source

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