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  1. Max Nguyen

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    FAQs help customers find the information they need quickly. FAQs can also help the Magento website owner can increase the content for the site that is beneficial to SEO. If you are using Magento 2 platform, you should use FAQ Extension for Magento 2 from MageHit.

    Awesome features of FAQ extension for Magento 2
    • SEO friendly: allows store owners set SEO friendly for main landing page and individual FAQ pages
    • Rate FAQs item: allows customers to rate for each item in your FAQ page
    • Facebook comment: integrating with Facebook and customers can leave their comment by their Facebook account
    • Search item: allows your customers search topic they concern by content, keywords of tags
    • Side bar: customers can view top FAQs on sidebar of catalog listing page
    • Pagination page: you can divide them into different pages and paginate these pages
    Other Features
    • Show last questions in last question box to show the new concerned issue in your Magento store
    • You can add some tags, which relate to questions or any concerned issue in your website
    • Select group customers can be vote for item
    • Easy to manage comments of customers from facebook account
    • Can be create multiple topic Q&As and group them into categories
    • Support Full HTML contents e.g. with text & images
    • Responsive Magento FAQ extension
    • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
    • Friendly and flexible configuration
    • Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
    • HTML/CSS validation
    • Multiple stores and multiple languages supported
    • 100% open-source
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  5. Barbara Glowam

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    You can try Magento 2 Extension FAQ Manager also. It has all the basic features required for any FAQ like extension fully responsive, attractive accordion style display for faq's, category management and many more. Also, the most useful feature of this extension is it supports video FAQs also. So it provides the more user-friendly interface.
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