Magento 2 Affiliate Extension And Things To Know

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    What is Affiliate extension?
    Magento 2 Affiliate extension was developed to create many affiliate programs to attract customers and earn high profits for your business.
    Magento 2 Affiliate Extension is a great tool for you to create affiliate programs for your website. It is compatible and responsive to a variety of devices to increase revenue as well as increase revenue for the store.
    The basic features of Affiliate extension:
    • The rules are clear and convenient
    • Easy access to ads
    • Delete all transaction history on the account and leave traces
    • The withdrawal process is easy to do in a flash
    • Ancillary Console: Provides valuable insights
    • Programs and committees are easily managed
    • Banners and Reports are added to the same place
    • Withdrawal is easy to manage
    • Can choose from 15 Top Network Affiliates
    • Choose the most appropriate type of plan to run: Pay Per Sale or Pay By
    • Many affiliate programs or store views can be turned on simultaneously
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