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    NOTE: A Listrak account is required to utilize the features of this automated cart abandonment solution. Please contact Listrak to setup your account.

    The Listrak extension for Magento enables online merchants to expand their email marketing campaigns beyond typical "batch and blast" into targeted campaigns aimed at specific scenarios and buyer events. The extension covers:

    - Shopping Cart Abandonment
    - Buyertrak - refillable/replenishable order reminders
    - Customer purchase metrics
    - Post purchase follow-up campaigns
    - Newsletter subscriber synchronization
    Shopping Cart Abandonment
    Shopping cart abandonment (SCA) is an important piece of the e-commerce puzzle for all merchants. Around 70% of all carts created on the web are left behind. Listrak will track these carts and allow you to build a dynamic SCA email series to regain lost sales due to abandoned carts. Magento currently only tracks registered user carts, our extension will track unregistered users as well to expand your reachable audience.

    Our Buyertrak solution is intended to keep customers coming back to buy the things they buy over and over again. Whether you sell beauty products, vitamins or ink/toner, Buyertrak will identify replenishable products and the customers who buy them. By analyzing order history from your Magento store, you will be able to use your Listrak account to build an engaging email series to bring customers back to your site and expand their lifetime value (LTV).

    Customer Purchase Metrics
    To really drive revenue for your online store, you need to understand your customers. Using Listrak's customer purchase metrics, you will be able to target your best customers or re-engage those who have not purchased in a while. A strong email marketing strategy that incorporates segmentation will boost revenue per email and keep your customers happy buy letting them know that you understand and appreciate them.

    Post Purchase Campaigns
    The online purchase is such a critical time in the lifecycle of a customer, you want to make sure you provide (and receive) as much value from that event as possible. The Listrak extension for Magento will allow you to craft post-purchase campaigns in Listrak based on order events occurring inside your Magento store. Examples of post-purchase campaigns include: review requests, shipment notifications, first-time buyer welcome series and more!

    Newsletter subscriber synchronization
    To make sure your marketing list is always current, all newsletter subscribers and unsubscribers are synchronized with your Listrak account and suppression list.

    Additional Listrak features include:

    - Advanced segmentation
    - Dynamic merchandising
    - Message series or single message
    - Dynamic content
    - Multi-path offer testing
    - Offer suppression and randomization
    About Listrak
    Listrak works with online retailers to maximize marketing ROI by helping them reach optimal engagement with their customers. Our focus is on prompting dialog and interaction through email and mobile marketing to increase customer lifetime value.

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