JM Fabian – Magento theme for Christmas

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    It is a great news that the November theme JM Fabian now marks the 10th Magento concepts by JoomlArt. The number 10 is not yet a large collection, but it is an efficient timesaving resource for end-users’ exploration or any developers’ custom need when dealing with Magento sites.
    Calling back an article 25+ Magento themes by Smashingmagazine in May 2009, you had chance to learn about two of JoomlArt typical concepts JM Purity and JM Mesolite where you find the value of optimal, simple and clean manner. JM Fabian keeps in line with such look and feel.
    The JM Fabian is a focus on design aspects. Functionalities get inherited from Magento core and JoomlArt’s addons JM Slideshow, JM Product List. To welcome upcoming Noel holiday, you might have your Magento site well-tuned with the Christmas theme built in along with default JM Fabian theme.

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