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    Our Client is one of the first dedicated mobile app companies in the world. We have been building custom applications and systems for businesses of all sizes, from to small start ups right through to large enterprises. Having seen this monumental shift to a mobile focused world, we thought that there needed to be a better way for businesses of any size to create, manage and commercialise their own applications. Thus, we poured all of our knowledge, expertise and technology to create the world’s first true mobile commerce app builder.

    Our Client is constantly expanding, with offices in Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Vietnam.

    We are always on the lookout for the best talent across the tech and commercial sectors to join our team in Hanoi.

    Senior Magento PHP

    As a PHP / Magneto Developer, you will be working across the back end of a number of integral web application and Mangetoplugn-ins.

    You will be responsible for building, testing, debugging and troubleshooting web services, programs, and scripts for various functions, and modifying existing code to add new features.

    Technical Skills Required

    * Demonstrated Success developing and deploying on Magento

    * Working knowledge of the Magento API's

    * Advanced skill in PHP 5

    * MySQL configuration and optimisation

    * Good understanding of MVC &Zend

    * CSS, HTML (5) Javascript and AJAX

    * Strong UI / UX skills

    * At least 3 years professional experiences

    Personal skills required

    * Commitment to excellence

    * Strong attention to detail

    * Strong communication skills

    * Team Player

    • Benefits
    - Attractive salary (~1000 USD) and bonus package
    - Bao Minh Healthcare insurance plan for all employees.
    - Annual company vacation and team building package.
    - Being a part of a competent team in an international company with a strong growth potential.
    - Working in a progressive environment and state of the art working space with dual monitors and a wonderful view over the Hanoi city skyline.

    * Location: Hà Nội

    If you are interested, please contact to Mr Nguyen Viet Long

    Email: or

    Skype: vietlong210376

    Mobile: 0903213756

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