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    This extension provides access to GlobalShopex’s fully integrated International checkout and shipping solution for USA retailers. We enable you to accept international orders from over 150 countries without any risk. We provide your international customers a seamless checkout experience and increase your order volume, while we alleviate all risk from your end. We set you up to process international orders no differently than you would a USA transaction. Extension is compatible with both Community and Enterprise versions of Magento. Key features of our solution include: • Simple integration of our “international Checkout” button in your cart • Low international shipping rates • Currency conversion • Calculation of duties and taxes with Localized checkout • International Payment Processing –we assume full risk of fraud and chargebacks • International Shipping via a Fast track ‘able method • International Customer Service including local international phone numbers, email and chat • Returns management • Guaranteed payment to you in US dollars • Merchant web-based tool to view order activity • Free marketing to grow your sales You simply ship to our global hub in Miami, FL and we handle the rest! Compatible with php 4.0.1 or higher up to version 5.3.5. For more information about our offering please watch Youtube Video

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