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    Note: Magalter Config is required for correct work of this package.
    Visit Group Gifts Magento extension page. You can request any feature you like there!

    PRO version of this extension with great amount of features is availble now! Now you can create Group Gifts not only for simple, but for any product type, can add beatiful progress bar to gift page, create Group Gift from admin, configure notifications for admin, share your gift on Facebook and many many more! Have a look for Group Gifts PRO Magento extension here

    Extension allows your customer to create group gift for any simple product at your store. For example, customer and his friends want to make a gift to their friend, or customer with his colleagues want to make a gift for their boss and many other examples. It is very simple with this extension! It can extremly increase your sales! You can even use it for charity needs, for example, to add ability to donate someone. Don't forget that you can create any feature for this extension from our site! And yes, our website 'Request a feature' option uses this extension funtionality, so you can see it in action here --!

    Main features:
    Create group gift from any simple product
    Powerfull management of gifts payments from customer area
    Ability to set different sums for donation
    Gift product can be automatically put to any category you like
    Ability to see how much from product price was donated
    Easy configuration

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