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    Some of you who work with Magento for a long time might think that this topic is so clear that it doesn’t need to have an article. We get many inquiries to finalize the work somebody already started. One of the things we notice is that some developers tend to embed the Google Analytics code directly in the Magento theme files. Yes, it works and you will see the standard traffic data in the Google Analytics interface, but it is not a way to go.

    In most of the cases, those developers edit footer.phtml in app/design/frontend/default/[your_theme]/template/page/html folder. As I said, the Google Analytics will track visitors data properly, but the main issue is that the eCommerce data will not be collected. To enable eCommerce data to be visible, first step is that you let Google Analytics to know that the profile is actually an E-Commerce site.

    You will get to this interface by

    1. Logging to Google Analytics
    2. Select an account for this site
    3. On the list of Account profiles, do not go to the reports, click on Edit instead
    4. On the first box “Main Website Profile Information”, there is another Edit link to the right. Click on it.
    5. One there, you will see the interface similar to the one on this image. Let Google Analytics know this is an eCommerce website
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