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    With Magento 2 Helpdesk Extension on Landofcoder, you will be supported about:

    • Organized Workflow to minimize time wasted
    • Customer- Friendly & Fast Submit
    • Clear User-friendly Interface
    • Easy To Create Ticket
    • Add File Attachment to the ticket
    • Easy To Choose Priority and Assign Department for your ticket
    • Quick Reply or Close a ticket
    • Easy to Check ticket history
    • Check Ticket Status
    • Satisfaction Star Rating
    • Quick Responses With Answer Shortcut
    • Ticket auto-expiration & Auto-reminder
    • Smart tickets grid
    • Flexible Assign System
    • Tailored for Multistore installations
    • Ticket automations perform routine tasks without admin
    • No third party storage used for saving and processing tickets
    • Department permissions
    • Help desk tab
    • Ticket page
    • Communication
    • Customer can attach files to their inquiries
    • Follow-up emails
    • Support Surveys
    • Add necessary contact information
    • Set Priority for the email
    • Supporters Performance Management
    • Supporter Assignment
    • Frequent Responses
    • Reopen closed ticket

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