Free Magento Template: Eco Fashion

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    The Eco Fashion ecommerce template is very easy to customize. With minor changes to the CSS and Images you are able transform this free Magento template in to your own personal theme.

    * SEO Mods: Main page content appears before the Column, Footer & Header blocks.
    * Lightweight CSS Menu: Root categories listed in the header (as above).
    * Site-wide Footer Links:: Specify links to the various areas of your site (as below).

    How To Use

    * Unzip the downloaded archive (download below).
    * Copy extracted files in to your store directory structure.
    * Navigate to the Magento admin panel (, then the Design configuration tab (System » Configuration » Design tab).
    * Select the name of your website from the (Current Configuration Scope) dropdown.
    * In Default (under Themes heading), enter eco_fashion and click save config.
    * Remember to disable page caching (System » Cache Management) whilst testing!
    * Have fun!

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    Mình chẳng thấy link chổ nào cả. Có phải mình không đủ bài viết để download không?
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    uh, mình cũng chưa hiểu quy định để download nữa

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