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    Are looking for a personal approach to their customers? Our magento 2 hide price/call for price extension helps you to hide price and replace Add to Cart button with custom message or inquiry form in AJAX popup

    • Hide price and Add To Cart button for not-logged-in customers
    • Hide price and replace it with a custom message
    • Hide price for specific products or all categories
    • Hide price for specific products on different storeview
    • Support custom message, custom form.
    • Support all the Magento 2 Product Types
    • Support to hide price on all pages
    Hide prices from guest customers
    With our magento 2 hide price, you can remove price and "add to cart" button for logged out and unregistered site guests on your Magento 2 store.


    Hide prices from certain groups of customers
    Besides, you can enable or disable price for a different group of users.

    Display customized messages instead of “Add to Cart
    It is easy for you to replace ”Add to Cart” button by your own message as your expectation.

    Choose to Display on Specific Storeview.
    Our magento 2 hide price extension allows you to hide price and display a custom message for your desired store view, too.

    Customized Message: Support Magento2 shortcode, widgets
    Moreover, you can display your own customized message by adding shortcode or magento widgets

    Hide Price for Specific products

    Especially, you can hide price for any specific products. Simply you just need to click to choose the desired products that are needed to hide price.

    Support for all the Magento 2 Product Types
    Using our magento 2 hide price extension, you can hide price for any types of products on your magento 2 store.


    Create unlimited Call Hide Price profile
    There is no limitation for you to add "Hide Price profile". Each profile can be created based on specific customer group, customized message and specific products, etc
    Catalog Rule: Add multiple conditions
    Instead of choosing each product, you can add hide price product based on rules and conditions. Just choose requirements, then all products met the demand will automatically be hide price.

    Full compatible with LOF Custom Form Builder
    Beside Contact form or Login Form, you can display Custom Form. This extension is fully compatible with LOF Custom Form Builder

    Hide price on all pages
    With magento 2 hide price extension, you can hide or disable price for product on homepage, catalog page, search page.

    Pop-up Form: FancyBox Effect
    The popup form comes with FancyBox effect


    Add new widgets: Contact Form, Login Form
    • Disable
    • Hide price
    • Show Price

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