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    Automate your AdWords management for better performance
    Optimize your ad spend with powerful keyword algorithms
    Get more clicks and conversions for less cost

    Already advertising with AdWords?

    Like with airfares, keyword prices in the search market are constantly going up and down. Many small advertisers make the mistake of "setting & forgetting" their bid prices. This assures that they are never getting optimal prices. As campaigns grow, ROI falls and many small business advertisers lose money because of this.
    Automate your AdWords Management

    WordWatch connects between your account and to Google to manage your keyword bids, automatically, around the clock. Whether your goal is more clicks or more conversions, the app identifies good performers and reallocates budget to put your money where it works best. This results in more clicks for less cost.
    Get an SEM professional on your side

    WordWatch does the same things professional SEM consultant do: monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting your keyword bids. But unlike a person, WordWatch can work on hundreds or thousands of individual keywords in your campaigns every day. Powerful algorithms drive your results further: optimizing your advertising budget.
    Not yet on AdWords? We'll get you set up!

    If you haven't already begun advertising, WordWatch can set up your account: structuring your campaigns, discovering the best keywords, and writing the most effective text ads. Just let us know the URL of the website and we'll do the rest. We'll also include a $100 AdWords coupon to get you started!

    For more information, visit www.wordwatch.com or contact us by email at support@wordwatch.com.

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