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    Whooparoo relies on two fundamental concepts: sharing and incentives. The share functionality lets a customer of your store share his/her purchase with friends, family and colleagues on the social networks relevant for your business. Messages are customizable by the customer to a certain extent and distribution is handled by us. Sharing is encouraged by incentives, a concept we’ll be developing even further in the coming period. Incentives fall into two categories:
    1.“Material” incentives like discounts, free shipping, complimentary products or donations to charity.
    2.“Reputation-related” incentives, such as earning points or a certain status in relation to your web shop.

    Once an order is placed for products part of a campaign, the customer is rewarded for spreading the word about the purchase.
    Two widgets are available out-of-the-box with this extension: Checkout Incentives and Recommendations.
    In Checkout Incentives, you add material incentives to products and create campaigns (start/end data, incentive value). Your customer is presented with the incentive in the Checkout process, before placing the order. The incentive is applied immediately (with a coupon) once sharing is done (we check basic business rules like fake/real account, number of friends/followers etc) In Recommendations, your customer recommend products AFTER the order is placed (normally on the "Thank you!" / order confirmation page). We make sure that the message reaches a relevant audience and we report on effects. And, of course, we add links to your website in all outgoing messages.

    Attention: Requires sign-up on whooparoo.com and approval from our support staff. Once approved, you can download the manuals for a full description of the installation, configuration and use of the component.
    Whooparoo has a no cure, no pay model. This means for you that you do not pay anything for the service unless we generate orders with social networks. First month free no matter what the results.
    Read more on www.whooparoo.com

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