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    Customer intelligence that provides valuable e-commerce insights across ALL customer touch-points!

    Over 100,000 small businesses get their critical e-commerce insights from VisiStat every day!

    VisiStat is a robust, easy-to-use analytics/customer intelligence platform that provides unparalleled e-commerce insights across ALL your customer touch-points – including your website, social media, marketing campaigns, and more. VisiStat captures detailed information on your customers and their behavior, and provides valuable information on your overall marketing and sales strategies.

    As a single, integrated SaaS platform, VisiStat captures and simplifies complex data from across your entire web presence, enabling you to make better decisions that help optimize your online effectiveness and increase sales.

    Conversion Tracking & Attribution
    Detailed Clickpath Analysis
    Campaign Measurements
    Visitor Identification
    Live Lead Capture
    Social Media Tracking
    Referral Link Analysis
    Unique Visitor Data
    Popular Pages Data
    SEO Keyword Analysis
    Much More!!!

    Get Started
    Follow these steps to start tracking with VisiStat today!

    1. Sign up for a free VisiStat trial CLICK HERE
    2. Download the 'VisiStat Connector' extension
    3. Enable inside your Magento Admin panel "System > Configuration > VisiStat Integration"

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