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    This module offers an easy-to-implement solution of connecting Magento and TYPO3.

    TYPO3connect is the bridge for connecting TYPO3 to Magento by the MAGEconnect Extension.
    It is neccessary to use it with the MAGEconnect Extension on TYPO3.

    For more information refer to the "MAGEconnect" Extension Documentation at typo3.org, that is required in your TYPO3 instance.

    * Released version 0.4.0 of TYPO3connect
    * Feature: Magento Product implementation for TYPO3
    Further information can be found in the manual

    * Feature: New SOAP Request for increasing speed
    * Experimental: Display customer data with dynamic template markers
    * Documentation updated
    * Changed Namespace of Magento TYPO3connect
    * Fixed bug: Final redirect

    * Released version 0.2.0
    * Feature: Usage of Magento SOAP API V2
    * Fixed bug: Usergroup will not change anymore when user already exists
    * Fixed bug: Changed E-Mail Address Verification (Regex now for .co.uk)
    * Fixed bug: Changed encryption/decryption of data
    * Security: Clearing of POST Parameters
    * Feature: Rewritten Manual

    0.1.2 Small Bugfixes
    0.1.1 Inital release

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