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    The TurnTo Social Commerce Suite unlocks the hidden potential of your customer community by enabling direct dialog between shoppers and customers who purchased the products they are considering. This truly social shopping experience increases conversions up to 700% and generates 2x more UGC than conventional ratings and reviews (which is great for SEO). The emails sent to past customers deliver an average click-thru rate of 12%, bringing these customers back to your site to refresh the relationship, and drive repeat purchases.

    TurnTo’s flagship social Q&A product, Ask Owners enables shoppers to ask product questions and get many fast answers from customers who actually bought those items. Our patent-pending social Q&A technology generates 13 times more answers than competing approaches, delivering a better shopper experience, higher conversion lift, more UGC for SEO, and a bigger impact on past customer loyalty. TurnTo’s Social Commerce Suite also includes best-of-breed applications for Social Merchandising (“see what your friends bought here”) and Purchase Sharing (which gets purchasers to tell their friends on Facebook and Twitter about what they just bought).

    TurnTo works effectively across a broad range of retail segments and stores with average-order-values that range from $20 to $ thousands. TurnTo is best suited for online merchants with more than 20,000 unique monthly visitors.

    Adding TurnTo to your Magento store is a snap.

    The TurnTo system is composed of code that you install on your storefront (a Magento extension and some JavaScript) that communicates with TurnTo’s cloud-based services. To install the Social Commerce Suite, first contact TurnTo to set up an account and get a license key for the cloud-based services, then install the Magento extension and JavaScript. Detailed instructions are below, and TurnTo’s support team will be happy to guide you through the steps.

    To set up an account with TurnTo, email us at contact@turnto.com or call us at 908-752-9658.

    TurnTo-for-Magento Implementation Instructions

    Check out our Magento Demo Store here

    To learn more, email us at contact@turnto.com or call us at 908-752-9658.

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