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    AddShoppers is an open social sharing platform built for eCommerce.

    We increase sharing with our Social Promo Callouts™ and measure ROI with just a few snippets of code, free.

    This extension requires a free account to work. Sign up for your account at AddShoppers.com.

    • See your most shared, Wanted, Liked, products
    • Lowers shopping cart abandonment
    • Increases conversion rate
    • Niche Shop.pe URL shortener
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Easy 5-minute installation
    What retailers are saying:

    "After setting up AddShoppers and incentivizing people to share, we are already collecting extremely valuable data, driving new social conversations, and acquiring new customers at a nominal Cost Per Acquisition. AddShoppers brings Ecommerce social media marketing to a whole new level." - FairwayStyles.com

    "THANK YOU AddShoppers! With your help we now have full transparency into what products our customers are sharing and where. Kudos for the simple integration and extra clean interface. My brother and I still can’t believe we’re getting this type of analysis for free!" - ClassWatch.com

    "We never knew what a Facebook share or a tweet was worth. Now we can put a $ amount to it and encourage more sharing." - AlevaStores.com

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