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    Some stores need to have a vertical navigation menu, based on thier product categories. This extension will adds a new useful, professional and nice vertical navigation menu from all active categories to your website store.

    Sidebar Navigation Menu can showing in right, left or both side columns. The extension has custom, unique and luxury design for each one of "default", "blue", "blank" and "modern" templates and also a custom desing for popular "templates-master f002 classic theme". Extension style will changes automatically between above designs or any other custom design create by you base on selected template for store.
    As the extension has custom CSS, you can customise extension style base on your store design easily by editing the CSS files. Also the extension gives you more options to customise extension functionalities.
    Some of intresting and powerfull functionalities of this extension are ability to showing thumbnail icons for each category in left side of category name, and having a collapsible navigation menu, when you enabled it in extension's settings.

    Please note: before installing any extension, first test it on a simulator of your website, if there isn't any problem then install it on your original store.
    Please note: don't forget, always make a backup of your original store before any new extension installation.

    Key Features:

    Full Free Extension
    Showing Category Thumbnail
    Collapsible Menus
    Defining Parent Category
    Showing Products Count
    Column Selection
    Custom Title
    Categories Maximal Depth
    Control Top Navigation Menu Visibility
    Control Browse by Category in Layered Navigation
    Custom Thumbnail Size
    Multilingual (Translatable)
    Separately Configuration for Each Store View
    Dedicated CSS Files
    Dedicated Layout File

    Configuration Guide:

    To change extension configuration settings please go to:
    System > Configuration > CODNITIVE > Catalog > Sidebar Navigation Menu Professional

    V 1.7.21
    Fixed bugs:
    - Loading category image instead thumbnail image

    V 1.7.20
    - Files and coding cleanup
    - Coding improved

    New features:
    - Show/Hidden zero product count

    Fixed bugs:
    - Extra margin left when collapsible and thumbnails are enable

    V 1.6.93
    - New structure added to improve coding

    Fixed bugs:
    - "JS" and "CSS" loading problem in collapsible mode.

    V 1.6.72
    - Design improved

    V 1.6.66
    New features:
    - Defining Parent Category
    - Control Browse by Category in Layered Navigation


    1. After installation, I see "error 404 page not found" in configuration section of the extension?
    Just logout from your admin panel and login to it again.

    2. I enabled extension from admin panel, but I don't see vertical navigation menu sidebar in my store frontend?
    Your magento "Blocks HTML output" cache is enabled and you must refresh it.

    3. How can I make sidebar navigation invisible in some pages (CMS pages like home page, or some catalog or product pages)?
    You must add < remove name="sidenav.left" / > or < remove name="sidenav.right" / > codes (please remove first and last spaces) to "Custom Layout Update" section of that page or gategory.

    4. How can I add sidebar navigation to CMS pages (like home page)?
    You must add {{block type="sidenav/navigation" template="codnitive/sidenav/navigation.phtml"}} code to your CMS pages.

    5. How can I use thumbnail image functionality?
    Please go to configuration settings of the extension and change "Thumbnail Enabled" option to yes. Now all you must do is adding thumbnails for your categories in "Manage Categories" section, under Catalog menu.

    6. How can move Sidebar Navigation Menu to another column?
    Please go to configuration settings of the extension and select column which you want Sidebar Navigation Menu be visible inside it, by "Show In" option.

    7. How can define a maximal depth for showing categories (for instance just 2 level of categories)?
    Please go to configuration settings of the extension and enter categories level which you want be visible in sidebar navigation as a number, in "Maximal Depth" option.

    8. Is it possible to hide top navigation if I use sidebar navigation?
    Yes, it's possible. Just change "Remove Top Navigation Menu" option to "Yes" in configuration settings of the extension.

    9. How can I have a dynamic collapsible menus in this sidebar menu navigation?
    Please go to configuration settings of the extension and change "Collapsible" option to "Yes".

    10. How can define parent category to show just some menus?
    Please go to configuration settings of the extension and define parent category in "Parent Category" option.

    11. I want remove "BROWSE BY" from layered navigation because it repeat my sub categories. can I do that with the extension?
    Yes, you can. Please go to configuration settings of the extension and change "Remove Layered Navigation Category" option to "Yes".

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    Bạn ơi mình download về giải nén ra báo lỗi rồi, sao giời bạn ? nếu có được modul đó mình phải cài đặt sao để nó chạy được vậy bạn ?
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