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    To see it in action, view the screen shots above or view the demo at www.referzo.com/merchant-demo.php.

    Monetize the social network by enabling and incentivizing your customers to refer friends thru their own facebook page, twitter feed, email, or any other social medium. With a single application, Referzo enables, tracks, and pays your customers for legitimate referred sales. There is no better way to partner with customers than to pay them what they deserve – referral fees for legitimate referred sales. You set the referral fees and announce your program (see examples in the screen shots or demo below), Referzo does the rest.

    Cost Per Action pricing model (see below). Only pay for completed transactions.
    You control referral fees paid.
    Simple Magento integration that is completely customizable.
    Detailed reporting that shows who is referring sales and the source of their referral.


    You determine the referral fee you’re willing to pay your customers. Choose a flat rate or percent of legitimate referred sales. Referzo will collect an additional 20% of the referral fee paid. Example: If a referred transaction was placed worth $100 and you pay 10% of a sale to the customer who referred it, Referzo would collect $10 for the customer and $2 (20% of $10) for Referzo for a total fee of $12.

    *Please note there is a minimum monthly Referzo fee of $99. Now reduced to $19.99 for merchants that go live before the end of June.

    Installation instructions are available at www.referzo.com/magento/help.php and support is available 9-5 Monday thru Friday via email at support@referzo.com or by phone at 877-346-4410.
    About Referzo

    Referzo was developed by an internet retailer for internet retailers. Having a less than positive ROI investing in our own social network presence, we decided to build a platform that leverages our customers’ social network by enabling and incentivizing our customers to refer their friends. It worked very well and Referzo was born.

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