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    Give your customers peace of mind – give them Ready Receipts for free! Ready Receipts stores retail receipts for consumers online, safely and securely. It's automatic and secure. Customers can categorize, makes notes, or print them for any reason.

    See Demo Cart here!

    See configuration video here!

    Emailed receipts often get lost or become hard to find. And even though your registered customers can retrieve their receipt from the website, more and more are demanding services that aggregate and combine their data and make it easy to get to!

    How it works

    We know the checkout process is important to you, and nothing should come between your customer and the "submit" button! That's why our process starts AFTER the checkout is complete!

    Our extension simply shows a graphic on the "Thank You" page. The customer simply clicks this graphic to send the current receipt to Ready Receipts. It's that easy! We store the receipt for the customer, even if they haven't signed up at ReadyReceipts.com yet!

    Note: Your customers will still receive the standard email receipt. We don't interact with that process at all – we simply store another copy of the receipt for the consumer.


    We believe strongly in security. That is why we don't use any payment information in our processes. We only transmit exactly what shows on the standard receipt that is emailed. We don't add any data to it or query your systems. We simply generate an xml copy of the receipt and securely store it.

    How to get it

    First, sign up as a merchant at ReadyReceipts.com. Then download and install the extension. (If you would like to see what the process looks like, you can check out our Magento site at www.readyreceipts.net/readyreceipts and give it a try!).

    Once installed, simply paste the information from your Ready Receipts account into the Settings in the Configuration administration area. You can test the connect from your Ready Receipts account.

    That's it! Once the connection is established, your customers get a fresh, new service provided by you!We are working on adding various logging and reporting features as merchant demand dictates.

    We're not just for online merchants!

    Our patent pending technology makes it very easy for brick-and-mortar merchants to provide Ready Receipts. The implementation is extremely lightweight, secure, and again doesn't interfere with the payment process. See www.readyreceipts.com/merchant for more information on our brick-and-mortar solution.
    P.S. If you have trouble viewing the Configuration Screen after installation, please clear your cache, log out, and log back in.

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