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    Increase revenue. Build customer loyalty & referrals. Drive repeat visits to your store.

    Reward customers with points & miles from the world’s largest loyalty programs!

    Points.com has partnered with Sweet Tooth, a leader in eCommerce customer rewards, to introduce the only multi-currency loyalty rewards solution for Magento. With Points.com for Magento you can reward your customers for everything from making a purchase, to referring a product or liking your brand on Facebook, and then let customers choose which loyalty program to get points/miles in. Stand out from the crowd by offering customers 9 programs to choose from, including American Airlines® AAdvantage®, US Airways® Dividend Miles®, Priority Club® Rewards and Best Buy Reward Zone®!

    Points.com for Magento is flexible and easy to use!

    1. Download the app (for free!) and purchase points/miles you want to reward. Points/miles cost about 4 cents per point/mile (1,000 miles = $41.50).

    2. Set up your loyalty campaign. You can reward your customers for making a purchase, liking you on Facebook, signing up for e-mails, writing a review and more! You decide how many points/miles to award for each action (e.g. 1 point/mile for every $1 spent, 5 points/miles for liking you on Facebook, 10 points/miles for referring a friend).

    3. Once your customer completes the action, we send them a claim code. Your customer uses the code to get their points and miles in the reward program of their choice. Customers can choose from:

    ● Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™

    ● American Airlines® AAdvantage®

    ● Best Buy Reward Zone®

    ● Frontier EarlyReturns®

    ● Hawaiian Airlines® HawaiianMiles®

    ● Icelandair Saga Club

    ● Priority Club® Rewards

    ● US Airways® Dividend Miles®

    ● Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

    ● And more coming soon!
    Points.com Helps Grow Your Business

    ● Rewards encourage customers to complete purchases.

    ● Increase customer satisfaction and stand out from the crowd with the option for customers to choose to from 9 different loyalty programs.

    ● Motivate customers to refer your store to friends or share via social media.

    ● Get marketing exposure through Points.com and its 3+ million users!

    ● Your brand gets a lift by being associated the world’s largest loyalty programs.
    Want to Know More?

    Visit Points.com/magento to watch our demo and learn more. Or visit our FAQs.

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