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    LiveAgent Magento plugin integrates a full featured help desk and live chat software Live Agent into any Magento installation. It can provide complete customer support platform with hybrid chat and email tickets. Simply add a contact button code into your Magento by few simple clicks and be live within 5 minutes!


    Fast installation & no additional setup required! Your contact button will be on your page in few minutes.
    Hosted or owned solution? Does not matter, we offer both. Just make your choice.
    Fully customisable contact button. You can change the color, position, welcome message and many more.
    Support for different communication channels: emails, live chat, twitter, facebook, contact forms
    Build and maintain your own Knowledgebase
    Keep an eye on your cummunity with forums
    Track your customers online! You can see their location (also on map), current url, time of last request and total time on page.
    Application translated into many languages (English, German, Czech, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Malay, Dutch, Russian and more...)

    Find more information about Live Agent and its features here.


    Increase customer satisfaction by providing better support
    Allow customers to chat with you in real-time, or to leave off-line messages

    Just install the plugin and you are all set! No additional setup required. After plugin installation and one-step account creation you are instantly online and can provide support for your customers.
    In case of your own license of Live Agent you just need to insert a contact button code into your Magento.

    This plugin can be installed as any other plugin here in Magento Connect. But if you'd like to have a step by step guide, here it is.

    Something went wrong? Check out or FAQ section first.
    Still not working? Don't worry and contact us immediatelly. We'll fix the problem as soon as possible!

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