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    LinnLive is an extension for Linnworks Anywhere. LinnLive sits on top of Linnworks Anywhere and works with the same Inventory data you already have created in Linnworks. The system extends functionality already available in Linnworks for Order Management and Inventory Control, where LinnLive provides functionality for creating and managing listings on multiple channels.

    LinnLive is a web application accessible from any browser. It is completely FREE for Linnworks Anywhere users.
    The major reason for using LinnLive as opposed to other listing tools or native interface provided by the selling channel (like eBay's Turbo Lister or listing directly on eBay or Amazon site) is centralized inventory management. All your product information is in one place.

    You can see what is listed where;
    Linnworks Anywhere importing facility allows you to import inventory in bulk with many fields already pre-filled for easier listing creation;
    Powerful template editing and management;
    Image hosting;
    Single interface for listing products.

    This extension adds integration to work in conjunction with LinnLive. Extends capabilities of existing Magento’s SOAP API.
    Allow to use advanced filters to download product lists, allows the creation and editing of configurable products, performs attribute assortment of all parameters including lists of values for dropdown attributes as well as filtration and assortment of attributes by their types.

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