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    The module is adding a link to your top navigation where your customers can insert name, company name, email and their business license. If they submit the business license is uploaded to your media folder and you get a email notification the customer filled in the form.

    Now you are able to check the business license by a link which is served in the mail. If you validated the license you can filter your customers by the email address in the magento admin panel and change the group of this customer to give him reseller status.

    If there is no user with this email address the user didn´t sign up yet. In this case you can create an account for him and put him into the correct customer group.

    The uploaded business licenses are saved in /media/business_licenses. To protect this data you should setup a .htaccess authentication for this folder or secure it in another way.
    Please change the email receipient for the notification emails at System/Configuration/Customer Configuration/Reseller Confirmation before you test the module.

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