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    Facebook appears to have made a change to the JS API which has broken the extension. I will post an update to this page when it gets resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Earn new customers via the Likes of your current customers.
    Create powerful social incentives for buyers.
    Increase your Likes to your Fan Page and product pages.

    Features for Your Customers

    Ability to unlock discounts by liking and/or bringing friends to like product pages on the store.
    Ability to share the product on their Facebook wall directly from the product page.
    Ability to unlock as many social promotions on as many products or brands as you choose.

    Features for You

    Unlimited social promotions can be created.
    Integrate with all of the Promotion Rules that Magento offers.
    Configure the module to work with an existing or new Shopping Cart Promotion Rules.
    Grow your Facebook footprint. By incentivizing groups of friends to like product pages in clusters, you will gain distribution into their networks' news feeds.
    Set the number of Likes to require for the discount to be unlocked.
    Customize the copy that shows in the Friend Gate block on the product detail page.
    Local Development features for testing / troubleshooting.

    See the Demo

    Admin (user/pass: admin/demo1234)

    Installation Instructions

    Go to System > Configuration > Friend Gate.
    Set "Enabled" to Yes.
    Set "Admin ID" to your Facebook User ID.
    Create a Facebook Application if you don't already have one.
    Copy the "Application ID" in.
    Go to Promotions > Catalog Price Rules.
    Create a rule for the products that you want to friend-gate.
    Set "Friend Gate" to Active.
    Set the "Description" to what you want to show on the product detail page.
    "Actions" tab doesn't matter, skip.
    Go to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules.
    Create a rule for the same products that you friend-gated in the Catalog Price Rule
    Set "Friend Gate" to Active.
    Actions - this is the discount that will be applied.
    Labels > "Default Rule Label" - This will show in the checkout process where the discount is shown.
    Test your product page by visiting it and liking the product. After liking the product, take the product URL and run it through the Facebook debugger. Make sure there are no errors or warnings with your OG tags.

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