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    Fontera Digital Works Magento shipping extension for South Africa requests a shipping quote from a local courier, for any postal code in South Africa.

    Supports the following couriers:

    Berco Express - (Dawn Express, Economy Freight, Express Road Service, Overnight Express, Same Day Express.)

    Supports the following features:
    - Supports multiple store origin's / websites. If stock is held in more than 1 location, separate shipping rates will be displayed to the customer per origin.
    - Each shipping rate request is cached (per customer) for the duration of the customer's session.
    - Support for multiple languages.

    Future releases will include integration with:
    - UTI couriers
    - RAM couriers
    - Fastway couriers

    Contact us:

    Stay up-to-date with the latest news and releases, follow us on Twitter, or checkout http://www.fontera.com

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