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    DSL "Facebook Product Like" extension provides users an easy way to like any of your store products which then is posted on user's Facebook account wall, thus telling his friends and FB connections about that product and its description.

    Add Like button (iFrame type) to your product description page and product image and description of product to all of their Facebook friends
    Open Graph compatible - send messages to fans for every product that gets "liked" on your site.
    Configure all aspects of the Like button from one place in Magento admin.
    Automatically provides a quality title and image for your shared content.
    Quick and easy install - just upload and refresh your cache.
    Works with Magento versions 1.5.x, and EE.

    This is beta version if you found error in instalation like community/DSL_Productlike: Version for 'DSL_Productlike' was not detected

    Solution: Go to magento connect manager setting tab select Preferred State 'stable' to 'beta' .
    DPS is compatible for Magento 1.5 and Magento 1.6 community version and can be customized on request for other Magento versions too. We wish to hear your experience and feedback on DPS. Manish Upadhyay, Ankur Khandelwal and Ashish Mittal from Magento Development Team at Daffodil Software Limited have contributed in development and testing of this Magento extension.

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