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    The DutyCalculator extension "Display import duty" provides international customers with an accurate estimate of any import duty & taxes due, without leaving the checkout process. Now the customer can make informed purchase decisions, with the confidence that they will not face any unexpected customs charges. Advantages for the merchant are a better customer experience and reduced return shipments and unpaid custom charges.

    The DutyCalculator extension:

    Covers over 160,000 products for 45 key import countries. If you feel we do not cover your product, you can file a request and we will add it within 48 hrs.
    Is fully customizable to match the style of your website. You can opt to show the import duty & tax estimate in the shopping cart, on the checkout page or both.

    How it works

    The DutyCalculator extension automatically takes all required information from the shopping cart or checkout page to perform the import duty & tax calculation, and displays the result. If required, the buyer is prompted to select the most appropriate product category to ensure accurate results. For the merchant, there is no effort required other than installing the extension.

    The DutyCalculator extension has a monthly subscription fee of $29. There is no set up or installation fee.

    You can get your account and API key here. After you have purchased your API key, go to System -> Configuration -> Display Import Duty & Taxes -> Settings and paste API key into API key field to activate your extension.

    You can use the extension free of charge for 7 days.
    Guidance with set up

    Please see the full extension documentation here for additional information and guidance with setup. You can get your account and API key here.
    Any questions?

    Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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    Cảm ơn phuong.hoang đã cho mọi người những bài viết rất hữu ích! củm ơn củm ơn nhiều nhé,^^

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