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    Give the possibility to resize images without distorted them. You can specify a Width and a Height value as well as a ratio. The ratio options are : 0 - none proportionnal. The image will be resized at the Width and Height values. 1 - proportionnal, based on the Width value 2 - proportionnal, based on the Height value 3 - proportionnal for the new image can fit in the Width and the Height values. 4 - proportionnal. The new image will cover an area with the Width and the Height values. For use, replace the actuals calls : $this->resize(150,150); with : $this->directResize(150,150,3); where the options are : (width, height, ratio) --------------------------------------------------------------- To use the module, you must find in your .phtml file the calls of the product images and change them. For example, in the file design/frontend/default/default/template/catalog/product/list.phtml at line 95, you can find : "->resize(x,y)" that you must replace with "->directResize(x,y,r)" with r=ratio of your choice. --------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to REMOVE the height and width attributes in the HTML tag.

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