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    The Dabble extension allows the Magento shop owner to easily integrate the Dabble product customization platform (www.justdabble.com) into their Magento version or higher shop. This extension enables you to design custom products in Dabble to sync to your Magento store catalog, as well as embed the Dabble design tool into your store and allow your customers to design custom products. Dabble enables the following for your store: 1. Custom Products: Extend your product assortment with any of our 350+ customizable products. Liberate your creativity and that of your visitors by allowing them to customize products right there in your shop! 2. On-Demand Printing/Manufacturing: We manufacture your creations using the latest digital on-demand manufacturing techniques so you can offer endless designs options without the burden of inventory or pre-ordering. 3. Logistics Management: Once you have an order, we take care of everything! We do the manufacturing, packing and shipping. We will also let you know what’s going on each step of the way. 4. Easy Integration: Dabble integrates seamlessly into Magento and will start making you money the moment you sign up!

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