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    This extension enables you to hide categories and products from customers depending on their customer group. It is a rewrite of the Magento extension Netzarbeiter_GroupsCatalog for Magento 1.6 and newer.

    If you use Magento 1.5 or 1.4 please refer to the older extension: on Magento Connect. This rewrite not only cleans up the code base, it also adds several new features and improvements:

    Configurable if you want to hide everything and select products and categories to show or vica versa.
    Use of an index which means support of an unlimited customer groups without DB table hacks.
    Faster frontend usage, especially noticeable with large catalogs and complex settings.
    Fully configurable on a store view level.

    The source to this extension can be found on github.

    You can specify a default visibility setting for all categories and products under System / Configuration / Netzarbeiter Extensions / Groups Catalog 2. There you can also choose to disable the extension (on a store view level).

    The default after installation is no categories or products are hidden. You can override the default settings for every product and category in the Product Management and Category Management pages. If you use some non-standard mechanism or import for products and categories, it might be necessary to rebuild the GroupsCatalog index. You can do so by visiting the Page System / Index Management. There check the checkboxes beside the indexes "GroupsCatalog Products" and "GroupsCatalog Categories", select the "Reindex Data" action and click the "Submit" button.

    After installation please refresh the (config, layout and block_html) cache, and then log out of the admin area and log back in again to avoid getting a 404 error on the Module configuration page. Then visit the configuration page at System / Configuration / Netzarbeiter Extensions / Groups Catalog 2 and configure as needed.
    UPGRADE from the old extension (up to Magento 1.5)

    To upgrade, first create a backup (file system and database). Then install the GroupsCatalog 2 module, and visit the admin page at System / Tools / Groups Catalog 2 Migration. There you will find a step-by-step wizard assisting you to migrate all settings for the system configuration, all products and all categories.

    If you ever uninstall the extension (I don't hope so ;)) your site will be broken, because Magento does not support a mechanism to automatically execute a script when an extension is removed. This script adds two attributes with custom source, frontend and backend models, and when the extension is removed Magento can't find those models anymore. To fix the Error, you have to execute the following SQL:

    DELETE FROM `eav_attribute` WHERE attribute_code = 'groupscatalog2_groups'; DELETE FROM `core_resource` WHERE code = 'netzarbeiter_groupscatalog2_setup';

    Don't forget to clear the cache, afterwards.

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