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    Top 10 useful plugins of 2011 - TheProgrammingblog

    "An extension to your social media presence or Web site" - NetworkWorld rates it 4.5/5

    As seen on TechCrunch, KillerStartups, Zippa and other awesome websites!

    More than 9000 Businesses use ClickDesk.

    ClickDesk provides live chat and call service to websites. This extension installs ClickDesk service on your Magento store. Your visitors chat with you directly from your webstore and you can conveniently take chats and answer calls on your IM (Skype or Google Talk) on computer or mobile phone. One click setup and no additional software installation is required.

    ClickDesk allows your website visitors to even call from local access numbers we provide to you. Our integrated social toolbar on the live chat displays stream of your updates and helps visitors to engage socially without leaving your website.

    Live chat button for your Magento store
    Instantly receive chats and calls on your IM
    Built-in VoIP phone
    Free local access numbers in 40 countries
    Integrated social toolbar
    Free one agent plan
    Cloud based with 99.95% uptime and SLA guarantee

    Browser Phone allows your store visitors to call you in any of the 3 ways - Call from PC, Call from Skype and Call from Phone by using your free local access numbers.

    Never miss a lead. Convert your traffic to sales by providing instant support using this Magento free live chat extension.

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