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    The Postcode Anywhere extension allows users to quickly auto-populate an address from a postcode on any of the Magento address forms. The extension is simple to install and can be fully enabled in the Magento admin panel.

    Features and Benefits

    Happier customers
    - More accurate data and fewer missed deliveries. Up to 5,000 seamless daily updates to Royal Mail's PAF® database.

    Peace of mind
    - Transparent and simple payment with no hidden charges or set-up fees. Pricing starts at £50 for 1,000 validations.

    Easier global trade
    - Address capture that works worldwide. Gives you fast and accurate address forms for most major trading countries.

    Hassle-free installation
    - Get going right now and see the benefits almost immediately. Set it up in minutes within the Magento admin panel.

    No stress - ever
    - The team is always on hand to help, and all updates and support are free. 100% service uptime for the last five years.


    Installing the extension is simple and a full setup guide to assist you can be found here.

    Supported Versions

    - Community 1.6
    - Community 1.5 and older – Available from PostcodeAnywhere.com.

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