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    What is Exorbyte Commerce?

    Exorbyte Commerce is an advanced, intelligent, search-centric merchandising system designed specifically for online stores. It starts by replacing and enhancing your store's existing search engine. It features powerful reporting and merchandising features giving you the control to naturally guide visitors to the products they want to buy. With Exorbyte Commerce, visitors can find the products they are looking for quickly and seamlessly, regardless of misspellings, typos, alternative product names, equivalent products you carry, related products, and more.

    Many stores already trust the intelligent store search from the award-winning Exorbyte: vodafone (worldwide), red-dot-scopes.com, shopfactorydirect.com, rewci.com, europe.beyerdynamic.com and more.

    Choose Exorbyte Commerce, the technology leader and the most cost-efficient Magento store search solution. Enjoy better usability and improved sales.

    Why Exorbyte Commerce?

    Finding and purchasing items will become much easier for visitors when your store is equipped with Exorbyte Commerce . Research shows that users increasingly rely on search rather than browsing or "surfing" for finding products. They want to go straight to the product they need in a timely fashion.

    The fact that an in-store search has considerable influence on generating sales and increasing usability is confirmed time-and-time again by various studies and surveys. An intelligent fuzzy store search will:

    • Increase the conversion rate by up to 40%
    • Increase sales by up to 25%

    How does it work?

    The search engine provides a combination of error-tolerance, accuracy, speed, customization and scalability. As a genuine cloud solution, your search runs entirely on our high-performance servers. The SaaS extension can be integrated in your Magento store with just a few clicks.

    Important Merchandising Features

    Exorbyte Commerce is equipped with important merchandising features including:

    • Lightning-Fast, Error-Tolerant Auto-Suggest
    As a visitor starts to type a word or phrase, a drop-down box appears automatically showing the most relevant products for the query or partial query (also called an autocomplete or autosuggest). Users can then directly navigate to a product of their choice and are exposed to suggestions for products, categories, brands, or even store pages they may be interested in. The Auto-Suggest design and features are also highly customizable.

    • Lightning-Fast, Error-Tolerant Search and Dynamic Navigation
    Dynamic navigation features appear on the search results page allowing various refinements using facets or filters (ranking by price, relevance, filtering by brand, category, or other attributes).

    • Freely Configurable Aliases
    Aliases or synonyms are search terms your visitors use in their queries which may not appear in your product names, descriptions, category headings, etc. You have the capability of creating aliases for search queries. (example: laptop/notebook, monitor/screen).

    • Freely Configurable Ranking
    Products, categories, brands or even particular words in a product description can be promoted or penalized in the ranking of search results. These features allow you to boost profits by taking advantage of supplier's special offers, top-selling products, preferred manufacturers, popular categories, and other merchandising factors.

    • Actionable Reporting
    What terms are searched for, and how often? How effective are individual searches? These questions are answered easily and in detail with the graph reporting features. These reports are sent to you via email in adjustable time intervals.

    • Online Management Dashboard
    Without programming skills, you can adjust most of the settings of your search and merchandising services via a password-protected web interface. Just log in, make changes, publish them and you’re done.

    All Features, Details, and Pricing

    Start Your 30 Day Trial Today - Free & With No Obligation

    Start with Exorbyte Commerce today and increase sales. Test the intelligent search engine in your Magento store free for 30 days. Simply download the extension and configure it directly with your Magentostore Admin Panel. Try it and see for yourself – it will be worthwhile.

    The trial version is fully functional.

    What customers say about Exorbyte Commerce:
    „We considered about 6 different commercial search engines for our site before finally deciding to go with Exorbyte. The ease of installation (nothing was required from us), the extremely competitive pricing and value, the fantastic service from their engineers and account managers really made us comfortable and excited to be working with them. Our conversion rate has increased by over 45% and our customers regularly compliment us on the robustness and accuracy of the search on our site to find what they need.”
    Alex Friedman, Red-Dot-Scopes.com

    Further testimonials
    http://exorbyte-commerce.com/customers- ... nials.html

    For more information please visit

    Start your 30 day free trial now - for happy customers and more sales.

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