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    Signing up for a free ShippingEasy account provides seamless integration into your store’s inventory, access to discounted shipping rates and consolidated management of all your shipments.

    No need for a courier account, get shipping straight away
    Save on UPS, USPS, Fedex, Fastway and MailCall – just pay for the label, no hidden fees
    Store frequently used package sizes and postal addresses for regular use
    Highlights sold items, allowing you to combine shipments or create separate packages
    Generates all the necessary shipping labels – with batch processing for multiple shipments
    Generates necessary international customs forms for your international shipments
    Automatically marks your order as 'fulfilled' and notifies your customer
    Provides a consolidated view of all your shipments, giving you real-time tracking
    Discounted shipping insurance can also be added to any item with Shipsurance


    Download the ShippingEasy Magento Extension User Guide

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