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    Customers can download Free Magento 2 Affiliate Extension within 3 months. It is super cost-effective.

    This is a perfect extension for you to create your affiliate program. As you may know, affiliate marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for selling online. It helps you to drive more sales from your affiliate channels and let your affiliate earn money. It is fully responsive, fast and easy for affiliate partners to join your program.

    • Multiple Affiliate Programs
    • Multi-level Marketing
    • Set Commission, Discount & Payout Requirements.
    • Easy to Set Condition & Requirements If Needed
    • Manage Banner & Links in 1 place
    • Payout Requirements
    • Transaction Management.
    • SET Withdrawal Limits
    • Manage partner's account with ease
    • Pay Per Sale
    • Mass Payments
    • Support the most popular payment methods: Paypal, Skrill (coming soon)
    • Clear and Easy To Use
    Multiple Affiliate Programs

    With our magento 2 affiliate extension, you can create as many affiliate program as possible. There is no limitation. Each program, you can change:

    • Name
    • Description
    • Affiliate Groups
    • Display
    • Valid Date
    • Status
    • Order
    • Storeview
    • Discount
    • Condition
    • Commission
    Multi-level Marketing

    Using our magento 2 affiliate extension, you can add multiple tiers and set the different level of commissions for each tier

    Set Commission, Discount & Payout Requirements

    In each affiliate program, it is easy for you to set Commission/ Discount & Conditions for each program. You can choose to give commission by percentage or fixed amount. The extension comes with conditions and requirements that you can freely set to meet your expectation.

    Easy to Set Condition & Requirements If Needed

    Do you need to pay different commission levels based order quality, order quantity or product attributes? Our magento 2 affiliate extension will help you easily create multiple tiers as you want.

    Manage Banner & Links in 1 place

    With our magento 2 affiliate extension, you can upload banners or text links for your affiliates. Your partners can use the source code to post in website, forum, blog...

    Payout Requirements

    You can set a minimum amount of money that account must reach to withdraw their commission.

    Transaction Management
    In Transaction Management field, you can check:

    • Affiliate Code
    • Order ID
    • Order Total
    • Commission Total
    • Description
    • Transaction Status
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